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Corpse Run – Global Game Jam

fond_texteCorpse Run is an infiltration game developped during the Global Game Jam 2015 with Unity 3D by team Blblbl, a large team of ten developpers. I was one of two game/level designers along with my friend Mickaël Baud.

Corpse Run Screen
Oops! What do we do now?

In Corpse Run, you control a pair of characters, Bernie and Claude, that ran over some guy and crashed their vehicle. Now they have a corpse to hide and a town full of police ,officers to cross in order to get rid of the dead man. Of course they’ll have to drag the corpse as stealthly as possible, which won’t be as easy as planned. The corpse seems to have some difficulties to accept his death and cannot be left alone, or else he will make a lot of noise and attract a lot of police officers. Bernie and Claude will have to make sure he stays quiet and hidden while they explore their environment to find a way out…

Let’s hide him in that rubbish skip, honey.

The gameplay of Corpse Run allows you to control two characters at the same time. The goal is to reach the end of the level with the body without being caught by the police. You’ll have to drag and hide the body, open doors, find sideways, avoid civilians as much as possible, at least while you carry the corpse, and stay in the shadows. As a Game and Level Designer, I designed game mechanics and built some of the levels you can play in the prototype. I am still developping it with Mickaël.

If you want to check out the prototype, you can find it on the Global Game Jam website! I recommand you play it with a pad.

Published stories

La Banshee – A.O.C. #32



A.O.C stands for Aventures Oniriques et Compagnies. It is a French review dedicated to SFFF (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Fantastic) short stories. A.O.C. is published by Présence d’Esprit, which defines itself as a “club trying to connect all people passionate about SFFF”. You can visit there website here. Warning : it’s all in French.

Here’s the quick summary of La Banshee you’ll find on A.O.C. Again, if you wish to read the complete story, I have to warn you that it is written in French. You can find it here.

“Tonight, there is a drop of poison in my infusion. Maybe if I stand at death’s doors the banshee will come for me.
The mist haunting the valleys reminds me memories of flames and death, of my country, of my past, of my losses. Memories of a goddess warrior who meddled with my life, at a time when I had no more desire to live…”

La Banshee is a short story about scandinavian and celtic myths melt together, about a woman who needs to travel far away, about friendship and treason. I hope you will enjoy it, because I am really fond of this story.

Published stories

Niflheim – Le Mammouth Eclairé #1


Le Mammouth Eclairé is a young review published by Le Monde de l’Ecriture, a forum and a community of writers of all age. If you want to work on your text, then Le Monde de l’Ecriture is the place to be : members are sharp-minded and their advice are always useful. This is where I learnt how to develop my critical thinking toward others and, most importantly, toward myself.

Niflheim, apart from being one of the nine worlds supported by Yggdrasil, is a short story about a little town imprisoned in a long lasting winter. Spring is nothing more than a legend and flowers are mere fairy tales. But a little girl keeps on believing they will come back one day, and searches for a proof, upsetting her disillusioned big brother.

Le Mammouth Eclairé is free and you can read it here ! Warning, it’s all in French. Enjoy the reading !

Published stories

La Solitude – Anthology “Il serait une fois”


Il serait une fois is an anthology published by the young editor iPagination. They publish all kind of work, mainly from the associated platform, in both paper and numeric versions.

La Solitude won a contest which theme was “Contes urbains” (Urban tales). It tells the story of a young orphan who doesn’t care about being alone in the big city he lives in, and a girl who can’t stand anymore the disinterest that people show about anything other than the Internet. It tells the story of their meeting and of their journey to Solitude’s dominion.

You can buy the anthology here. Hope you enjoy the reading !

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Game Trap – Gamagora


I worked on the Game Trap project as a Level Designer and a Writer.

Luuma, the heroine

GameTrap is a game in which you play Luuma, the only person who can free her own people trapped in the world of Kaltulah, the god of games. But sometimes the playful god is merciful. This time, he will allow you, who still believe in him, to enter his world and try to rescue them. It is a dangerous world full of traps though, and you will have to think hard if you want to stay alive.

Game level's background
The world of Kaltulah is not really welcoming.

Game Trap is a 2D platform/puzzle game for Android directed by Indiana Busseuil and developped by a little team of fourteen French students from Gamagora, Lyon. The particularity of this game is that there are two ways you can progress inside a level : when you stand near an altar of your god, you can pray to him to open easy ways leading you to the end of the level ; or you can chose to turn the level over, in order to walk on the walls or the ceiling, by turning your tablet itself over. But when you do so, you will cause your god’s wrath, making him set up many traps on your way – but this is also your only way to entirely complete the game and fully restore your people.

You can check out Game Trap website here!

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Antic Ruin – Gamagora

This is my very first map created with UDK. It’s a project for Gamagora, a videogame school settled in Lyon, France. The rule was to create from nothing a complete “3vs3 Capture the Flag” map with UDK. We had three weeks.AnticRuins3

You can play Antic Ruins on 3vs3 to 5vs5, though I recommend the last option. I wanted something a bit spectacular, which would force the player to raise their head from time to time – but maybe it became a little too big for a 3vs3 map.

If you have UDK game, you can download the files here ! Either way, you can download UDK there.


Trailer Antic Ruins – Music from Vavle’s game Portal 2 : “Reconstructing More Science”.