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L’homme et le songe – Anthologie “Entre rêves et irréalité”

Entre rêves et irréalité is an anthology of Science Fiction stories from the French publisher Arkuiris. The 27 stories composing it explore the links between dreams and reality and the way we keep crossing again and again the very thin line separating them. Here’s the summary on the back cover of the book:

What if dreams were more real than our days? What if they changed our perception of time and space, of other people and ourselves… Maybe it will be hard to wake up, or maybe this is what is going to save us. Unless we don’t wake up, unless we never slept in the first place or never woke up a single time.

L’homme et le songe takes place in a distant future, when a megalopole has completely covered the world. To recreate natural places, people developped so much augmented reality, now called “alternate reality”, that it began to leak into the real world and give life to people’s dreams. Of cours, everything went wrong when these began to develop self-consciousness…

You can purchase it online on Amazon or La Fnac, both in e-book or traditional book!

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Azure – Glitch Out #1



Glitch Out is a free French review from the website Le Renard Loquace about short stories and videogames. Each edition is dedicated to one indie game (it is The Girl and the Robot in the first edition and it will be Transistor in the second one), with a preview or a test of the game and an interview with the developers. There is also a call for short stories with a theme in relation with the game. However stories in Glitch Out are not fanfictions : they share their subjects with the game but they have their own background, their own questions, their own identity.

Azure is a short story about a little girl lost in a post-apocalyptic world, where rain is her worst enemy. It can destroy entire buildings and people wandering carelessly in the outside will probably never return. The only way to be safe is to find a shelter covered with ivy, which is not affected by rain. But ivy tends to leave quickly the inhabited places, forcing people to constantly move from one building to another. The story begins when Azure’s mother doesn’t come back and the little girl has to move to the next shelter all alone.

Current call for short stories is under the theme “Une voix, des voies” (One voice, many paths).

You can read it here. Good reading !

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La Banshee – A.O.C. #32



A.O.C stands for Aventures Oniriques et Compagnies. It is a French review dedicated to SFFF (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Fantastic) short stories. A.O.C. is published by Présence d’Esprit, which defines itself as a “club trying to connect all people passionate about SFFF”. You can visit there website here. Warning : it’s all in French.

Here’s the quick summary of La Banshee you’ll find on A.O.C. Again, if you wish to read the complete story, I have to warn you that it is written in French. You can find it here.

“Tonight, there is a drop of poison in my infusion. Maybe if I stand at death’s doors the banshee will come for me.
The mist haunting the valleys reminds me memories of flames and death, of my country, of my past, of my losses. Memories of a goddess warrior who meddled with my life, at a time when I had no more desire to live…”

La Banshee is a short story about scandinavian and celtic myths melt together, about a woman who needs to travel far away, about friendship and treason. I hope you will enjoy it, because I am really fond of this story.

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Niflheim – Le Mammouth Eclairé #1


Le Mammouth Eclairé is a young review published by Le Monde de l’Ecriture, a forum and a community of writers of all age. If you want to work on your text, then Le Monde de l’Ecriture is the place to be : members are sharp-minded and their advice are always useful. This is where I learnt how to develop my critical thinking toward others and, most importantly, toward myself.

Niflheim, apart from being one of the nine worlds supported by Yggdrasil, is a short story about a little town imprisoned in a long lasting winter. Spring is nothing more than a legend and flowers are mere fairy tales. But a little girl keeps on believing they will come back one day, and searches for a proof, upsetting her disillusioned big brother.

Le Mammouth Eclairé is free and you can read it here ! Warning, it’s all in French. Enjoy the reading !

Published stories

La Solitude – Anthology “Il serait une fois”


Il serait une fois is an anthology published by the young editor iPagination. They publish all kind of work, mainly from the associated platform, in both paper and numeric versions.

La Solitude won a contest which theme was “Contes urbains” (Urban tales). It tells the story of a young orphan who doesn’t care about being alone in the big city he lives in, and a girl who can’t stand anymore the disinterest that people show about anything other than the Internet. It tells the story of their meeting and of their journey to Solitude’s dominion.

You can buy the anthology here. Hope you enjoy the reading !