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La Banshee – A.O.C. #32



A.O.C stands for Aventures Oniriques et Compagnies. It is a French review dedicated to SFFF (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Fantastic) short stories. A.O.C. is published by Présence d’Esprit, which defines itself as a “club trying to connect all people passionate about SFFF”. You can visit there website here. Warning : it’s all in French.

Here’s the quick summary of La Banshee you’ll find on A.O.C. Again, if you wish to read the complete story, I have to warn you that it is written in French. You can find it here.

“Tonight, there is a drop of poison in my infusion. Maybe if I stand at death’s doors the banshee will come for me.
The mist haunting the valleys reminds me memories of flames and death, of my country, of my past, of my losses. Memories of a goddess warrior who meddled with my life, at a time when I had no more desire to live…”

La Banshee is a short story about scandinavian and celtic myths melt together, about a woman who needs to travel far away, about friendship and treason. I hope you will enjoy it, because I am really fond of this story.