Published stories

Niflheim – Le Mammouth Eclairé #1


Le Mammouth Eclairé is a young review published by Le Monde de l’Ecriture, a forum and a community of writers of all age. If you want to work on your text, then Le Monde de l’Ecriture is the place to be : members are sharp-minded and their advice are always useful. This is where I learnt how to develop my critical thinking toward others and, most importantly, toward myself.

Niflheim, apart from being one of the nine worlds supported by Yggdrasil, is a short story about a little town imprisoned in a long lasting winter. Spring is nothing more than a legend and flowers are mere fairy tales. But a little girl keeps on believing they will come back one day, and searches for a proof, upsetting her disillusioned big brother.

Le Mammouth Eclairé is free and you can read it here ! Warning, it’s all in French. Enjoy the reading !