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Brutus et Futée – Artefacts Studio



Brutus et Futée is a point&click for 3DS developped by Artefacts Studio, in which you have to help two retired cartoon characters, Brutus the brawn and Futée the brain, to retrieve their life full of adventures. Lead them to the lost pages of their last script! Keep them alive through all the traps they encounter on the way! Bring their past glory back!

The game works as a kind of point&click. Each level is built as a scene from a movie thatBrutus goes wrong (it generally ends with Brutus, or Futée, or both of them dying in a horrible though bloodless way). Then it rewinds and it’s up to you to set things right, by putting the right object in the right place, by drawing and erasing elements of the scene or by tapping your screen at the right time in order to trigger some helpful events – and to avoid a painful death. If you fail, then the scene rewinds once again. Each scene has several endings, but only one will allow you to continue your adventure!

I worked on this project as a Level Builder, I had to sequence all the elements in scenes so that they happen in the right order, at the right time when a player does something, whatever it may be. We used a home-made middleware, property of Artefacts Studio, which allowed us to manipulate precisely the animations we had to sequence. Thus I had to work closely with both programmers responsible for the maintenance of our tool and animators working on the project.

I really enjoyed my time working on it. If you want to have a look, you can check it on the Nintendo e-shop!