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Rest in Beer – Prototype

Rest In Beer Title

You’re Beer Bob, and your job is to keep the brewery at night. But some annoying customers really won’t leave the place -worse, they even try to steal your barrel!

Beerbob screen
This man wants to steal your beer. Push him!

Get rid of them by pushing them in the pool of beer down the platform, using your beer-gun, beer-grenades, beer-rockets or other various weapons you’re randomly given when you launch the game!

This prototype was made during our second Unexpected Game Jam, which lasted 48 hours with the theme “Beer brewery“. As a game designer, my job here was (and still is) to quickly write a document summerizing our needs in terms of metrics and gameplay elements, and then to balance them in game. As a game builder I integrated lots of stuff, from graphic assets to particle systems.

Rest In Beer Art Everypony
Family portrait: Ale Ina, Beer Bob and the Mc Drunks!

You can download the prototype at!

We are currently working on a better version with improved graphics, more enemies, less bugs, a real balance between weapons, a score screen and another player character called Ale Ina!