Gamagora school (Lyon II University, France)

Level and Game Design studies.
I developped a student project called Game Trap with a team of twelve students as a level designer and script writer.


Bordeaux III University (France)

Bachelor degree in film studies.


Baccalauréat section Economique et Sociale

French equivalent to British A-levels with specialisation in economics.



French (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
Swedish (intermediate)
Spanish (basics)

Computer languages

Javascript (beginner)
Unityscript (both javascript & C# – beginner)
Python (beginner)

Game engines



Photoshop (picture editing)
3DS Max (beginner)

 Work experience

November 2015 – March 2018

Game Builder at Quantic Dream
My tasks were: integrating new assets, cutscenes and character behaviours, building scenes from prototypes to master state, debugging.

February 2015 – September 2015

Voluntary editor for the website
Writing board game news and critics


Global Game Jam 2015
Game and Level Designer for Corpse Run, an infiltration game.

April 2014 – September 2014

Intern at Artefacts Studio in Lyon, France
Working as a level designer and a level builder for various projects (point&click, racing game…)
Producing game concepts for projects to come.

Summer 2012   

Actor and script-supervisor for the movie La Morsure du Loup by Mireille Berger.

Personal Interests

I read a lot, mostly French and English heroic-fantasy or sci-fi books. Currently I am reading The Belgariad by David & Leigh Eddings, The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin, MouseGuard by David Peterson.

– I write short stories and tales. I often take part in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or in the Bradbury project, which consists in wrinting one story every week during a year. If you want to read my work (and you do not fear French), please check out my blog!

– Obviously, I play a lot of videogames, mostly role-playing games (Final Fantasy, Divinity 2, Dark Souls…), action-adventure games (Zelda, Fable, Remember Me, Bastion…) and many others. Most of the time I favour games with strong story and/or universe. I am currently playing Ghost of a tale by Seith CG, Northgard by Shiro Games, VA-11 HALL-A by Sukeban Games.

– And when I have nothing else to do, I like to draw and to take pictures from time to time. I also like to help my friends when they need a hand on their short movies (I do a bit of script writing and a bit of acting). I am also fond of travelling (I have been in Sweden, Greece, Scotland, Spain and most of France).